Ever since then, I’ve preached the dangers of the multi-statement table valued function.The thing to remember is, there are no statistics generated for these things.

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About five years ago, I was checking an app before it went to production.

I hadn’t seen the app before then and a junior dba had worked with the developers designing and building the app. Instead, it was built entirely of multi-statement UDF’s.

These UDF’s called other UDF’s which joined to UDF’s…

It was actually a very beautiful design in terms of using the functions more or less like objects within the database. It also would not, and could not, perform enough to function, let alone scale.

It was a horror because they thought they were done and ready to go to production, but no one had ever tested more than a couple of rows of data in any of the tables.

Of course, a couple of rows of data worked just fine.