Traditionally, a Modern Orthodox Jewish person keeps Kosher and observes the Sabbath.

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Sarah, 23, a law student at Rutgers University, is taking a break from burying her nose in her studies to check her i Phone.

Her “Bagel of the Day,” has arrived—a term used by the latest app-based dating site, “Coffee Meets Bagel,” where singles receive one match, or “bagel,” a day.

“I check it every day at noon,” said Sarah, who preferred to keep her last name anonymous. No skin off my nose.” In Sarah’s community, not many people would agree with her form of matchmaking, where singletons swipe through photos of potential dates aggregated via Facebook to find people close by.As a Modern Orthodox Jew, the tradition in her community is to be set up by family members, close friends or a traditional trained matchmaker with a man they think would be a “perfect match.” If a person as busy as Sarah doesn’t have time to go to a matchmaker, there’s a website for that, too.“Saw You at Sinai” is a matchmaker-based dating site where Jewish singles can, for roughly a month, be set up with their own personal dating guru who will work round-the-clock to match them up with dates. According to Sarah’s friend Jenna, trying to find Modern Orthodox guys in their early twenties going through a “serious” dating site, or one that will ultimately lead to marriage, like “Saw you at Sinai,” is hard to come by.“When I was doing 'Saw You at Sinai,' I put down that I was looking for young guys and I was being set up by a lot of older people,” said Jenna, a full-time student at the SUNY School of Optometry.“Guys my age that are actually Modern Orthodox are not looking for a serious relationship.They’re really just screwing around, hooking up with random people and then they’ll get more serious later on.” Modern, as opposed to a traditional Orthodoxy or Ultra-Orthodoxy, has many social shades of gray.