With that, Twilight and the others agreed to help out Harry and his friends find the Horcruxes as best as they can."You sure this'll work?

One Minute Melee S2 Finale: Ant-Man VS The Atom1 Minute Melee! Where even locking eyes on someone will force them to fight! And I hear these three sports are the best you can get." Lynn smiled. so how about I tell you what my wedding would be like? SFC8 Good Byes 11After today's episode ended, we see Megaman and Roll talking to Audrey and Egron."So, how does it feel for your node to get eliminated a third time? (Boingo then does an evil laugh, then sighs as he turns around) Ah, I just love my job! There's been a lot of finger-pointing tonight, but now all fingers point to the Bandit. (sucks on it)Bucky: Oh, no, you were just out damaging forest property, cutting down the redwoods we all call home. She's black-skinned, and she's a very sassy woman, but she's really nice once you get to know her. Fictional Chronicles Characters 6: Sora SORAFranchise: Kingdom Hearts Job: Keyblade Master, world traveller, fighter for the Fictional Heroes. DON'T CONTINUE WRITING FICS JUST TO SPITE SOMEONE WHO HATED YOUR FICS!

Where even locking eyes on someone will force them to fight! Lincoln raised an eyebrow as he then asked, "Does this have anything to do with your... ""Well, since you brought it up..." Lynn smiled as she looked up happily.-------------------------------------LYNN'S DREAM WEDDING"You all know me by now as a... Well, I'm hoping to take that to the next level once I get enrolled into college."An older Lynn was happily walking around college in amazement as she spotted the sign-up sheets for sports."Obviously, I wa Loud House: Sisters' Dream Weddings Chapter 4Over at the kitchen, as everyone was getting a drink, attempting to calm some nerves, Lynn took a deep breath. " Lana gave a smile.--------------------------------------------LANA'S DREAM WEDDING"First of all, I wouldn't mind taking my love for mud and lizards in the country."Inside a jungle, we see a grown-up Lana, now dressed as a jungle explorer, slashing through vines."That's right, when I grow up, I want to explore the nature of the jungle... ""I thought you wanted to grow up to be a plumber." Lori s SFC8 Catch Ups and WINNERInside a now empty studio, Audrey was setting up the camera as Egron just watched."Hey folks, Audrey and Egron here." Audrey said. " Audrey asked."Well, it's not too bad." Megaman explained. You se FC: E4: Hoodwinked FC Style P6(A bit later, Bucky, Heather, along with Nicky and the other policemen, have seemingly got everyone in the same room.)Bucky: Okay, everyone, we can conclude that all of you came together tonight by mistake. (Kirk gasps)Nicky: (nods) Big guy like you, you could probably take whatever you want from little goody-loving creatures. It was once thought that the ears and tail on her were part of a costume, when actually, those really WERE ears and a tail. After three seasons and a movie, all the Drawn Together cast members... Catchphrase: All for one and one for all Sora used to live a peaceful life on the Destiny Islands, but always wanted to explore other worlds with his best friends, Kairi and Riku. YOU DON'T SEE ORANGE RATCHET SPITING PE NH: Swearing in Kids' Cartoons Inside the room, Henry was adjusting his cap.

"A kind of weird contraption...""Tell me about it." Steve said. "Oh, Olaf, you One Minute Melee: Lucas VS Lili Zanotto1 Minute Melee! Note to self, never drink a Big Gulp before taking off your pants to read comic books in your room..."Lincoln then paused as he noticed the upstairs was... a little criticism, Lynn was happily running up and down the stairs as she was carrying down an assorted number of sports items. ""Well, I want to become a successful sports player, don't I? ""I think we're okay now..." Lincoln nodded as he sipped from his drink."Speak for yourself, I'm still shaken by Lucy's story..." Leni said, still shaking as she was spilling her drink everywhere."Well, I did warn you it wasn't for the weak of heart, which you very clearly are." Lucy said."I think I'm feeling a little better... the node that wins this year will also get a wish." Egron said to the others."Ranma and Akane, you guys should be proud. (Red, overhearing this, gasps as Hank peeks and glares) I'm never gonna answer to anyone ever again! Anyway, Foxxy is a mystery solving woman who is a cartoon parody of one of the old Hanna-Barbera mystery solving shows. Anyway, she, along with her castmates, had been recently revived by one of the heroes (or maybe it was one of the villains.

(Stark Industries)Deep within the main room of Tony Stark's machinery, Tony Stark, along with Steve Rogers (in his Captain America uniform) were looking around a new machine that had recently popped in."So, you say this little machine here is from Hank Pym? Shipped it right over to me so I can take a look at it." Tony said as he looked at it. "Tony and Steve both yelped as they noticed someone growing to their regular size, recognizing the ant like suit anywhere. Although it would be nice without the cloud hanging over my head."Anna giggled. Lucas looked up at the man nervously as the man nodded. After a couple of minutes, Lincoln sighed in relief as he left, "Sweet relief. wait a minute..."Lincoln then started to turn towards something as he sighed, "Normally, in a house with ten sisters, it's Loud House: Sisters' Dream Weddings Chapter 2After a moment of conversation, all the girls turned towards Lincoln as Luna gave a big smile. "You seem to have a good idea about what your wedding would be like? " Luna smiled as she looked up at the sky, initiating her own fantasy sequence.--------------------------------------------LUNA'S DREAM WEDDING"I like to think that one of my hit songs will eventually reach the ears of a famous talent agent, and I'll be going around the world to perform my song, of course."Outside the Loud House, Luna gave a smile as she waved good-bye to the remaining Loud family members still in the house after Lori and Leni leave as Luna gave a kiss to Lincoln's head before going into a show bus as it started driving around the world."Eventually, once I start writing more new songs and get every bit of fame and fortune I'm provided to have, it'll become to the point where I get a little bored."Inside Luna's dressing room, she was givi Loud House: Sisters' Dream Weddings Chapter 3As Luan came back, a bit disgruntled that her joke was met with... "Everyone looked at each other oddly, as Lana then said, "I hate to ask, but for what? SFC8 GOOD BYE 12"About time Malik got out." Sonic said."Way too long, I'd say." Sally said as the Sonic logo switched off.(CLICK)"Okay, now we get to the main point where it's five people left... Along with her personality and figure, she's also one of the smartest characters on the show.

(The Forest of Dean)It had been at least a few days since Twilight Sparkle and Hermione Granger had their battle...

"Anyway, we want to apoligize for not updating the SFC8 Good Byes and Party Rooms... You see, EGRON..." Audrey glared at a sheepish Egron. "The first time was early, the second time was first member of the jury. we got even better.""So, Kiara making a better placement than Lyle and Phoenix is pretty good." Roll smiled. but the audience watching this show doesn't." Morrigan laughed. Sonic and Mario, just watching from a distance, sweatdropped. Boingo: (turns to Dolf) You just don't get it, do you, Dolf? Nicky: (nods) Maybe you naughty neighbors butted heads so we could get to the real truth. One day, Heartless invaded Sora's island and destroyed it, leaving Sora with nothing but a big key used for a weapon and memories of his friends disappearing. (Back to present times)Henry: Yeah, it was one of those so bad, it's good fics. Henry: Hey everyone, Henry the Hyena here with a little complaint.

"To all the others still there, good luck."As Megaman and Roll left, the Megaman logo switched off. Over in the other room..."Ranma, I bet you made it." Akane said."Who knows? " Luigi asked."Not-a saying." Mar SFC8 Party Room 3When the commercial break started after the Immunity Challenge, Felicia and Morrigan hi-fived as they went to get their tickets."Yahoo! "Those two have been on the sugar too long."Mario nodded in agreement. Since teaming up with Donald and Goofy, who were also looking for their king, known as Mickey Mouse. But as such, we saw that Justin Lawson is still a bad writer, as he doesn't know how to write for characters... Okay, so recently, a new episode of Dexter's Laboratory, never seen before, has just been released online thanks to Adult Swim.

Where even locking eyes on someone will force them to fight! "Olaf gave a nod as he started to slow down his pace. Sure, it's a bit hot, but hey, I'm loving the heat that it provides! (Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp)Outside the psychic camp, a young blonde boy with a red and yellow striped shirt, blue shorts, and yellow and red shoes took a deep breath as he walked in, nervously. Lucas noticed a few strange characters walking around the area as he took a deep breath.“Welcome.”Lucas yelped as he turned to see a man in a black lab coat and black sunglasses. "Uh-oh."Lincoln then grabbed his jeans, put them on, and started to open the door as he ran from his room to the bathroom, then slammed the door as Lincoln started doing his business. just wait until the episode's over." Audrey said as she pointed to all the others. more interesting parody cartoon stars that attended a little reality show known as Drawn Together.

Tony smirked as he opened his mouth as soon as Steve realized what he did. " One Minute Melee: Elsa VS Ash Crimson1 Minute Melee! "Elsa said she'd meet us towards that big rock right over there! He had many stories about the camp, but had never once experienced it. but not before his eyes widened in shock as he dropped his magazine. I may le Fictional Chronicles Characters 7: Foxxy Love FOXXY LOVEFranchise: Drawn Together Job: Amateur detective Catchphrase: N/AFoxxy Love is one of the...