Anything worth having is a thing worth cheating for. ” was hotly debated in the American media without any real conclusion ever being reached.

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Marriage fraud for the purpose of immigration is not a new idea.

More than 20 years ago the United States Senate held hearings on the topic and concluded that it was a significant and growing problem, but only a few of the recommendations proposed ever went anywhere.

Meanwhile, the number of foreign nationals obtaining green cards through marriage to Americans has more than doubled since 1985 and has quintupled since 1970.

Since 1998, more than 2.3 million foreign nationals have obtained green cards through marriage to American citizens.

Over the last decade, marriage to American citizens, which entitles foreign spouses to “immediate” preference status for an immigrant visa, has been by far the most common path to American residency.

” Are Americans the most beautiful, charming, and seductive people on the planet or are we in demand as marriage partners by those in the developing world in part because marrying a U. citizen is the quickest and easiest path toward becoming an American lawful permanent resident (LPR, also called having a “green card”)? He served as a consular officer in Skopje, Macedonia, from 2002-2004; Port of Spain, Trinidad, from 2004-20055; and Budapest, Hungary, from 2006-2007. This Backgrounder seeks to answer the opposite question: “Why do they love us?Just over a quarter of all green cards issued in 2007 were to spouses of American citizens.In 20 nearly twice as many green cards were issued to spouses of American citizens than for all employment-based immigration categories combined.Yet while there is endless debate about the quantity and type of workers we import, there is very little focus or discussion on the foreign spouses Americans bring to the country — either through genuine relationships or fraudulent ones.Any serious examination of legal immigration to the United States must include a close look at the most common path to American citizenship: marriage to an American citizen or LPR.