Stanford had recently begun renting the IBM 650 mainframe computer (with an instruction speed of 22-33 ips, for $3,750 per month.) As part of the programming course for which Harvey and Fialer registered, they were able to run their final algorithm on the new IBM computer.

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However, being the students they were, the pair broke into the computing labs and ran the program for all students.

They held a large party for the match-dates, however no long-term relationships developed. Early experiments such as these occurred at a few campuses until 1965, when Harvard students Jeff Tarr and Merrill Vaughn launched Operation Match.

Operation Match is considered the first commercial computer dating venture.

A combination of computer dating, personal advertisements and the trademark Web collaborative spirit, Internet dating services have altered the face of matchmaking, its public perception and its techniques.

Online dating represents the single-most popular subscription service on the Internet The origins of online dating can be traced back to 1959 and two Stanford students.

Jim Harvey and Phil Fialer were known for their notorious hijinks around campus.

On the college radio show they ran, for instance, they were scolded for broadcasting at excessive power as well for playing radio programs that were less than tasteful.

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Online dating signifies the range of matchmaking services offered on the Internet.

Couples matches are usually search-based, providing users the ability to generate potential partner lists based on preferences such as age, location, ethnicity, and beliefs--from the mundane to the devout.