You can see a psychiatrist, or see a licensed therapist or social worker, depending on what you are looking for.

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It might be shocking to some that about 1 in 5 people today suffer from some sort of social disorder such as anxiety, depression or panic.

I would like to post this thread to offer a source of information to help those that suffer from this, as well as for those out there who know someone who does. (Doctor) to do a complete physical to rule out that there are any physical problems to remedy.

I do suffer from a depressive disorder, including some social anxiety and do suffer from panic attacks. The second thing is to seek professional help to determine if you require any medical attention, medication and/or therapy. The second person to see is a licensed Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Doctor via referrall from your G. Between the two of these individuals, it can be determined if you require medication.

For those out there that suffer with this or similar, there is help and information avaiable. The next thing is to figure out what therapy is right for you.

It is very easy to want to isolate yourself when you are feeling down, and this can be very dangerous as it can lead to suicidal thoughts or simply worsen your condition. It is very important to know the following:-A major panic attack will not last longer than 30 minutes.

Daily contact is important as sometimes it is difficult to tell if you are regressing or not on your own. It is not possible for the body to sustain a state of panic for longer than that.-It is very important to practice breathing techniques for slow deep breaths on a daily basis, as panic attacks can easily trigger hyperventilating, and it is important to do your best to slow down your breathing.-Always keep bottled spring water on hand.

A panic attack can be very exhausting, you will need water and quite a bit of it. its good for people to know others have them, there not alone or crazy, and that help is there.. i think most are afraid to get help or to talk about it for fear of people thinking them a nut ball.. My son suffers from this, as well as bi-polar disorder and ADD, and I have watched his struggles.

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