However with a little bit of planning ahead and some solid help from your support network, it is actually possible to have an active sex life as a single mom.Juggling work and a social life is a tough job at the best of times; but when you are a single parent to boot, your romantic life is pretty much left to take care of itself.

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Yet in the past such families formed a small percentage or became part of larger extended families due to financial and practical reasons.

An active and fulfilling sex life as a divorced, single mom is often considered to a contradiction in terms – she not only has to heal from the pain of your divorce but also take on the majority of the childcare.

Above all there is the larger responsibility of having to put food on the table and a roof over the family’s head.

If you are juggling with a similar set of commitments, it is only natural to feel that your sex life is heading south.

The dating scene with its half-said expectations, assumptions and pressures can get be confusing enough but things get much more complicated when there are kids involved and in each case the kind of complexities may vary; single parent bringing up kids on their own face challenges of one sort while those who have lost custody of their kids after divorce are perhaps fighting their own inner demons.

For childless single parents, coming together to date can be fraught with complexities - but not entirely impossible with the following tips.

Among the many changes that modern civilized world has seen in the twentieth century, one of the most significant has been the entry of single parent families in mainstream society.

Single parent families are not entirely a new concept – there have always been children raised by one parent after the death of another.

Landing a smart and attractive dating partner can be a challenge at the best of times.