Even though the last series of X Factor feels like approximately 4 sleeps ago, speculation about the judging line-up for the 2016 show has been kicking off since before last year's final episode had even aired.

She added, “He just pissed me off then, and I just had to put him in his place and teach him and educate him.

You have to do that sometimes with people, educate people.” Check out the video below!

Simon Cowell reveals the reasons behind not putting the two female stars on the same series this year.

Simon Cowell has confessed that he believed Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger would have "clashed" if they were on the same judging panel of The X Factor this year.

Nicole Scherzinger will take on hosting duties on the American version of Simon Cowell's hit U. talent show The X Factor - if the TV tycoon gets his way. Everyone adores her." "You know how a lot of these shows now kind of feel empty when you watch and there is someone sometimes struggling on their own?

The former Pussycat Dolls star has been linked to the new series after she was a hit guest judge on the British version last year. I think on this show it could be helpful to have two." Cowell is expected to make an official announcement about the line-up by the end of this week.Scherzinger was a hot favorite to land a seat on the panel alongside Cowell, but the music mogul has announced he wants the beauty to front the show, alongside an as-yet-unnamed male star - rumored to be Enrique Iglesias. But we've got to get the deal done and find someone she has chemistry with. She's gorgeous and ruthlessly ambitious and doesn't arrive with a massive entourage.The music mogul makes his return to the UK show and finally managed to persuade Cheryl to also join him.However, former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger has now stepped down from her position on the show and Simon told The Sun that he "didn't think the two of them would work well together." The pair almost worked together in the US but Cheryl was famously sacked from the series before it aired.This week, he's also denied reports that Rihanna and Rita Ora would be joining the show but thinks a certain Spice Girl might be a perfect addition. "We've got about a month to decide and we're meeting a lot of people.