This budget bathroom makeover project started when I thought we were going to move.I haven’t been able to redecorate like I used to before my hubby was laid off from his job 2+ years ago.Living in limbo and not knowing what tomorrow will bring is not an ideal way to live.

I figured if we do have to move I might as well get a head start as this bathroom would need to be updated if we put the house on the market.

Soon after thinking about all this, I saw an inexpensive brown damask shower curtain while browsing at Home Goods.

I loved it and that was all the incentive I needed to get started. It was very nice working this way, plus I was in no rush.

This bathroom has come a long way from the builder beige and stock cabinets that came with the house when we first moved in. Since my daughters are no longer living at home this bathroom is basically unused. I truly took my time as I did everything myself, except for putting in the new light fixture.

My girls were little then, now they are 24 and 21 – they grew up using this bathroom. I don’t do electrical or plumbing – that is hubby’s contribution.

I have recapped everything I did in the bathroom in this post and have included links to the actual tutorials if you would like all the specifics for each project.Update: See the photo at the end of this post on how a changed the color scheme in the room for less than There is one of those modular shower enclosures in this bath that I had to keep as this was truly a budget project.I wanted to make it blend into the background as much a possible so I made a beadboard frame to hide the front.The other way I made it less noticeable was to paint the room’s walls the same color as the enclosure.My initial plan was to make the decorative front in front of the tub – level with it, but I would have had to move the shower curtain rod out and it would have landed right smack in the middle of the window.I went to Plan B which was to wrap the decorative front over the front edge of the tub so the shower curtain rod could stay where it was.