MX26A Carrying separate board (NOT included); 3 cream, 1 light gray(.50 RECAST 1 white). MX26K Lineman on pole; 6 light gray Marx made these near the end of the line. NONE Work table (top and side views above), brown, HP. Redbrown figures may be test shots or perhaps were sold in header bags. UNLESS NOTED 4.00 EACH Construction Workers, cream, redbrown or metallic blue SP, & 2.00 EACH Gray. MX26H Using jackhammer; 5 cream, 3 redbrown, 2 whitish, 8 light gray, (1.00 CUT ON BASE; 1 cream). NONE IN STOCK MX26J Worker w/ hammer and chisel; 1 cream, 5 light gray. 3.00 Oil drum, HP; 1 brown, 1 gray with dry playdough inside. Playsets had cream and sometimes metallic blue colored figures.

Mold PL-534 had 22 cavities making two sets of figures each with ten figure poses + 1 board for one figure to carry. Group A Seated Children 4.00 Girl in dress sitting; 3 waxy light cream SP.

(OUT OF STOCK) Marx made a nice set of ten 45mm figures for their Construction Camp playset. NONE "ROAD CLOSED" barrier, 3 pieces, light brown, HP. NONE Cement mixing tub (top & bottom views seen above), light brown, HP, NONE "CAUTION TNT" crate, light brown, HP. We think after burial the cream color turns white then progressively darker gray but could be wrong.

25.00 RECAST 18 piece set of arctic animals, silver. These figures are also being found in the old Marx landfill. 35.00 Boxed set with instructions, figures have been put together, MISSING younger sister, cream. 4.00 Boy with doll and blocks; 1 cream, (3.00 4 light gray).

(4) 15.00 RECAST mold shot PL-915; 2 2pc dog sleds and 1 2pc kayak, silver.(OUT OF STOCK) 5.00 RECAST kayak, red top with white bottom.(1) Vintage pieces, usually brown in playsets and red on blister cards; 5.00 Dog sled, NO EYE HOLE ATTACHMENT red SP. The the playsets would get the "A" group in one color and the "B" group in the other. Other recasts in Mexico came in every color of the rainbow (also stiffer plastic). 5.00 Pulling dead seal; NONE (2.50 ROPE SPLIT; 2 blue, 1 yellow, 1 white).

(5) In vintage Marx playsets this PL-914 was often run in two colors (usually blue and orange)and split into two distinct groups A & B (probably where the runner sprue was located). Reissue/recasts are in a stiff cream plastic (lower three on the right of the picture).

ESKIMOS Original Marx Eskimos were light powder blue and yellow in a nice soft plastic. The sled dogs could be run separately for inclusion in blister cards with sleds.

(1) Marx made a nice set of 18 arctic animals (PL-911) as seen above to go in their Alaskan sets. Thanks to Mike Handley for supplying some of the animals in the photo. MX26B Squatting with oil can; 3 cream, 7 light gray. MX26D Directing traffic; 3 cream, 2 light gray, (.50 RECAST 1 white). 3.00 Worker digging with shovel, 40mm, HP.(1) NONE Worker with pick, 40mm, HP. 3.00 Worker kneeling with hatchet over head, 40mm, HP.

Marx made a nice playset that had ten different firemen related 45mm figures.

The set also had a nice set of HP fire station accessories. Playset picture courtesy Whitmer-Hammond Antiques, Birch Harbor, Maine.

RECAST/REISSUE pieces 2.00 Fireman with hose; NONE 2.00 Fireman running with ax; 1 red.

Vintage Orange & blue accessories ; NONE Harpoon, blue, HP. Original Marx issue Eskimos 4.00 Spearing fish; NONE (2.00 scuffs on fish & feet). 4.00 With rifle; 1 yellow, 1 yellow greenish, 1 blue. 4.00 With fish and spear; 2 blue, 2 yellow (1.00 base warped yellow).