MTV in the early 00s was the best time for TV - don't believe us, check out these 15 classic shows that we wish were still around.Becoming First airing in 2001 this was the show where a fan got to recreate their favourite star's videos and as it was the early 00s this was when music videos were in their PRIME.

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Californian girls with super-straight blonde hair in tube tops and denim skirts angst over some 'dope' boys, who spent most of their time skateboarding and surfing.

There were three seasons - but this first two dominated by the major love triangle was between LC aka Lauren Conrad, Kristen Cavilliari and Stephen Colletti were the best.

Although most OMG moment was when Jason and hooked-up with Jessica at the charity fashion show in season two and Lauren - his girlfriend - saw. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica Following blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson and 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey during their first year of marriage, it was a classic by episode one when Jess asked if tuna was chicken of the sea.

We were all devo'd when they confirmed they were splitting after three years - mainly because there would be no more of the show.

Celebs chosen to be based on included Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Ricky Martin and Victoria Beckham.

Diary The show opened with the slogan "You think you know ...

but you have no idea." and was a behind the scene look at celebrities everyday life.

Rich Girls Basically the Real Housewives - but teenagers - the one season show followed Ally Hilfiger - daughter of designer Tommy and Jaime Gleicher as they enjoyed their summer after graduation and before college.

There was a lot of tension between the friends - mainly over Ally's bestie Liz who Jamie wasn't keen on - and they never made it to a second season.