But she also stated that she is NOT a doctor ( in my opinion she is better than ANY doctor I’ve previously dealt with) and recommended me to speak with her doctor – Dr. Thank You Doctor Ullis for being compassionate and professional but straight to the point. Your knowledge surpasses any medical doctor I’ve dealt with so far and am looking forward to continuing to work with you. Brian Sandoval and the Legislature over what information in the initial state agency request budget should be made available to legislative staff and the public.

The 2013-15 budget information conveyed to the Legislature on Oct.

15 does not include “items for special consideration” requested by state agencies.

These items are budget requests from agencies that Sandoval will consider including in his final spending plan, but that have not yet been approved for inclusion by Sandoval.

“Since 2007 I’ve been having female hormone issues in which I’ve addressed to my family doctor in whom I remained loyal to for over 10 years.

I’ve expressed my concern and asked for blood work to be done.

She basically told me “once you relax exercising your hormones will go back to normal”.

Year later hormones are not normal so I asked to go see a gynecologist.

Gynecologist basically told me “one you ease up on your training it will sort itself out”. It does take time since blood work has to be monitored - for me monthly – I send him the results and he reviews and researches and comes back with comments and questions.

Year after that hormones are still not normal so I asked to see an endocrinologist. I trust Pauline’s recommendation plus since he is her doctor I don’t have to explain the lifestyle I lead since I say it similar to Pauline’s. A lot of doctor’s don’t agree with a female being so lean and seems like they are reluctant to help. He has been such a fountain of information and he is really accurate. So far I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and my doctor in Bermuda prescribed the wrong medication with wrong dosage. Ullis has corrected that and I feel great and have a lot more energy than before.