Sharp Box abstracts existing proprietary technologies under a clear, easy to use and reliable API available on the most important platforms in the industry (Windows, Linux, MAC, Windows Phone 7, Android and i OS).Do you want to write code for storing data in the cloud only once in your application?

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Are you a cloud storage service provider and do you want to offer your platform for a growing community of software developers and ISVs?

Sharp Box is the right free open source solution under the MIT license.

Just contact us or start writing your own cloud storage service provider, based on our integration API for storage vendors. Here are just a view projects which are using the Sharp Box APIs.

Whenever you have finished your project let us know, we are glad to add your project to our testimonials page here Sharp Box is a free open source project that a couple of people developed in my personal time.

Almost all applications on your server, desktop, laptop or mobile device store data in the form of mass data, e.g.

photos, binary files or documents and as meta data objects (key,value-pairs), e.g.