Beforehand, Goode had played the brother of Inspector Lynley in the BBC production Inspector Lynley Mysteries: A Suitable Vengeance and had parts in the TV-movie Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and the Shakespeare play The Tempest.

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The New York premier for 'The Imitation Game' saw celebrities fall upon the Ziegfeld Theatre in droves, amongst them were 'Game of Thrones'' Charles Dance, as well as Matthew Goode and wife Sophie Dymoke.

Born in Exeter, Devon, England, Goode is the youngest child of five siblings (he has a brother, two half brothers, and a half sister, television presenter Sally Meen, from his mother's other marriage). Mary in Devon with a geologist father and a nurse mother, Jennifer, who was also an amateur theatre director.

Goode was educated at Exeter School, an independent school in the city of Exeter in Devon, followed by the University of Birmingham and London's Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

Goode is known for his role as romantic interest of Mandy Moore's character in the 2004 film Chasing Liberty.

And I’m going to spoil my daughter rotten but not so much that she turns into a spoiled little bitch. Yes, mainly because I don’t have a pot to piss in at the moment and weddings can be quite expensive if you want to do it with all your mates rather than at your town hall. (Metro, 2010) Is your partner [Sophie Dymoke] in the business? A typical Matthew Goode interview, in that he is utterly charming and gorgeous and talks about drinking a lot.

I’m always off ferreting around in a car trying to get into some woman’s pants, which is fun but it’s not the same. I was living in Clapham and she was on my doorstep when I came home. It did mean effectively leaving 20 quid notes underneath the pillows because every other morning the dog would piss on the bed during the night and it was like, "They're just going to think it's me—incontinent Matthew Goode."On Bonnie Hunt.

I’d love to get the war movies so you’re just with guys, drinking for six months. I don’t have to worry about her saying: ‘I’m just going off to do this film with Brad Pitt,’ and you read the script and it says: ‘She rides him frantically.’ Where did you find her? Luckily, the Marion Hotel allowed me to stay there with my dog the entire time.

In 2009, he played the character of Adrian Veidt in Zack Snyder's Watchmen, and also appeared in the drama A Single Man (2009) (based on the Christopher Isherwood novel).

In 2010, he co-starred with Amy Adams in the romantic-comedy Leap Year.