source The Grammy award winning singer was spotted looking worse than she did less than a month ago after she attended the Grammys and Brit awards.Watch Amy Winehouse's comments on her Brit Awards performance.Amy is asked by the interviewer about her performance.

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Amy is asked about the type of musicians who made her want to go into music.

The interviewer Huey Morgan asks Amy if Billie Holiday was the kind of music she listened to and Amy Winehouse's answer is simply,"no fuck her." We were pretty shocked that Amy Winehouse who is being hailed and compared to Billie Holiday would be so disrespectful to the memory of an icon and legend of jazz and blues music.

The Rehab singer stripped off and let down her famous beehive hairstyle to encourage young people to examine their breasts.

Amy, 24, is pictured in the April issue of British magazine Easy Living with only a guitar and two pieces of duct tape to protect her modesty.

Amy Winehouse is suffering from the infectious disease impetigo and we must admit her skin is getting pretty scaly and gross.

Amy Winehouse was seen buying a brand new sunbed - but it will take more than that to fix her shocking skin.

The singer was seen leaving her Camden home with the two-pence coin-sized rash on her face, which her spokesperson previously described as "impetigo".

Impetigo is an infection of the skin caused by a bacteria which causes a blistered crusty rash.

She decided to bare all for photographer Carolyn Djanogly in aid of the Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care which helps more than 8000 women under 50 diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

Amy was not the only singer posing naked for the campaign.

Singer Sade and actress Helena Bonham Carter also stripped off for the project.