Thank you for all your advice and help – I am telling all my single friends about your agency.So – whether you are single, divorced, separated or widowed, if you are looking for a good introduction/dating agency to help you find love in Greater Manchester, contact us to find out how we can help professionals finding their special someone.

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So of course that meant a trip to the vet in Stockport, another call to my PA and a very fraught and frazzled me driving Bella home in time to have a hot shower before my lunch date with Barrie. He ordered Champagne and I think I almost fell in love with him on the spot!

Barrie and Polly are still seeing each other and are planning to get engaged soon.

, both Lawyers from Greater Manchester met through Attractive Professionals Introductions, “We both thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the introductions you sent us Margot but please now delete our details – we are getting married in the spring.

Thankfully Sebastian could that Christina was an exceptionally pretty girl and guess what?

They are now both moving house to live together in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. “It was a series of events really” she told us, “Robert did sound gorgeous on the phone and as a busy business owner himself he said he would fully understand if I was late for our date (I had a meeting in Manchester beforehand).

In fact I didn’t get to the meeting at all and almost forgot about my date with Robert altogether.

It all started when my dog Lucy vanished on her early morning walk – I couldn’t find her anywhere so I called my PA and told him I wouldn’t be in the office until I found Bella.

Many couples from Greater Manchester have found their perfect partner through Attractive Professionals introduction/dating agency – here are just a few of our many testimonials and success stories (the names have been changed for the sake of anonymity): who works in Rochdale received her introduction to Sebastian from Salford she was in the middle of moving house.

“I really didn’t have time to brush my hair let alone meet a new man” she said and admitted to us that for once she didn’t make much of an effort with her appearance for their first date.

“so you can imagine how I felt” she cringed, “when I saw Seb for the first time – he was so drop dead gorgeous.

I couldn’t believe that such a gorgeous man would join an introduction agency” – Ah but they do Christina – Attractive Professionals Introductions is a bespoke, up-market agency for professional and business people nationwide and we are happy to say that we have lots of good-looking clients looking for compatible partners.