The old organizational structure was to be modified.Traditional composition was a regular army alongside National Guard and the Army Reserve.

Base units were displaced from divisions to brigades, and compositions changed: As of the 2014, the Armor brigade, were 4,743 troops strong, the Stryker brigades, 4,500 and the Infantry brigades 4,413.

The Stryker brigades were high mobility armoured brigades also known as the Stryker brigade combat team or motorized brigades equipped with the 8×8 vehicle which formed its backbone.

Equipped with General Dynamics LAV IIIs they are air-transportable worldwide within 48h.

A good indication for that is the fate of US Modern tanks: Like the M1 Abrams. The old trusted “battle taxi”, the M113, was also silently but surely out of register, also without a real replacement in view; Ground Forces nowadays relies -also dictated by the experience of the longest war faced by the United States since Vietnam- by wheeled vehicles: The Stryker family, the Hummer, and numerous MRAPs/MPVs which reflects the need for vehicles adapted to the urban environment and asymmetric warfare.

The iconic main battle tank is dating back from 1978, that’s almost 40 years from now ! Just like Russia and the successors states left with tens of thousands of obsolete and worn-out tanks and limited budgets, the US Army/Marine ground assets were to be seriously reduced in a concerted manner.

The M1A1/A2 Abrams and variants were kept in service while older M1s joined the national guard and replace the former M60 and M48 still in the inventory.

This process was achieved in the early 2000s and the concept of this reduction can be further expanded to other AFVs.

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The nuclear damocles sword of the cold war was lifted in 1990.