Our winter this year in Atlanta has been long and hard (for us Southerners, that is!) We were even out of school a whole week in January because we got 8 inches of snow!

You can pick a room with no view, where you are on top of one another for VERY cheap.

You can also pick a Suite, that is very roomy, but overpriced for a place to sleep and shower (the only time you’re in your room on a cruise!

) We went middle of the road, and chose a Balcony room, so my husband and I can sit out at night and have a glass of wine, when the kids are ready for bed.

So around the first of February, my mind started drifting to thoughts of Spring Break.

I wanted to go someplace warm and tropical…but on my husbands budget.

Granted, we do not do a big “Spring Break” vacation every year. This is for a 4 to 5 day vacation for a family of four.

We alternate years with the “Staycation”, which is staying home in Atlanta and doing all the touristy things that we don’t do very often, (Zoo, Aquarium, Fernbank, etc.). I started looking at the Disney cruise, which put us well over 00…actually, closer to ,000.

But, thank God, this year is a real vacation, cause Momma wants to get out of Dodge…and get a tan! Since our Spring Break is in early April, Florida is not guaranteed to be warm enough for the beach or swimming. Next, I looked at Cancun, which seemed fairly reasonable, but decided I wanted to keep my head, so Mexico was nixed.

We went to Disney a couple of years ago, so we didn’t want to do that again.

I also looked at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, but after doing a Facebook poll, I quickly found out that they charge an arm and a leg for everything once you’re there (food, drink, activities, etc.) So, I went back to the cruise idea. Aside from Disney, Carnival seemed to have alot of activities on-board that would be of interest to the kids. Lastly, there is a kids club, for when the adults need a break from our beloved children!

The great thing about the cruise is that all your meals and entertainment is included, and my husband isn’t handed a bill every night at dinner! Now when choosing your accommodations, your price point can swing wildly.