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) but it's so nice to go have a healthy meal after a hard day at the gym and talk!

Well, I should get money from them for such great publicity!!! AM: I know how it feels, you have the feeling that you're in a winning team, just for having get up at this time!!!

It's always a great achievement when I actually have the guts to go that early!

Even though I don't know many of them, we always say hi or nod to each other. I work out at the local comm college and its the "regulars" for me too plus the instructors are great.

They take the time to "teach" since its their job and its like having 3 personal trainers at my disposal since I take 3 classes LOL-- Also for me it free!!

That's probably the biggest reason I love it Nice, I'm glad to see a positive gym thread (although the ones that bitch are really fun, too)!I love my gym because it's wicked cheap, only a month, and it's located about 100 yards from my office.Also, it's on the top floor so I can look out over the beautiful Atlanta skyline (when I'm not watching TV, naturally).I go to a very nice gym, I think they have them in the US too, it's called Midtown clubs.It's amazing, they have a lot of classes, super qualified instructors, high tech equipment (each elliptical has a personal flat screen tv), sauna, hot tube (indoor and outdoor), whirpools, steam bath...and you just feel right at home when you're there, the clientele is a bit older than me (I'll be 30 in less than a month now!!!