Lust makes people like each other, attraction encourages people to focus on mating, and attachment helps people tolerate the spouse (or the child). Recent studies in neuroscience say that as people fall in love, the brain releases chemicals, including dopamine.Lust is the passionate sexual desire that promotes mating. These chemicals make people less hungry and sleepy, and also adds an intense feeling of excitement.Research shows that this stage normally lasts from one and a half to three years.

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Love is the feeling of liking somebody or something very much.

People sometimes get married or go on a date when someone loves another.

Love is usually believed to have something to do with the chemical reactions in the brain.

It is a feeling of the heart which one can only observe practically. There can be self-love, love towards a friend (such as platonic love), love in romance, towards family, toward God, or towards an object or idea. Being sexually or physically attracted is the feeling of lust. Besides that, normal friendship can be distracted by love. When love is destroyed between a dating couple, they may break up with each other.

Love is based on respect, understanding, and being able to talk with each other. Vincent says, "First loves are silly things." The biological model of sex is different from love because it is more like hunger or thirst.

People describe the person that they first loved romantically as their "first love." For example, in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is Juliet's very first love. Helen Fisher, an expert in the topic of love, divides love into three stages: lust, attraction, and attachment.

Attachment can be used to describe the bonding period that helps keep husband and wife together for many years.

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