A few weeks ago a friend of mine recommended that I try a sexual technique called “the alien” during my next vaginal encounter. They meant well and were nice people, but they just weren’t used to having to think about others, so having them on the team just wasn’t working.He had seen it on some television special but couldn’t recall any of the details, except that it “seemed brilliant.” A recent Google search has yielded no answers. The problem was, these women were so pretty they were used to getting their every whim.

And all their fucking sales (and outsourced sales forces–yes, you sales assholes and cunts in Worcester, that’s you) and billing support employees and managers. A few years ago I stopped putting the social team together because the women were always a hassle.

I just put people on the same team and if something happened, so be it.

A lot of the women I recruited were very pretty but of no interest to me. I never set anyone up—I’m not a chick for crying out loud.

So I put a team of players together who I thought would hit it off, either with each other or with players on other teams.

They don’t make requested changes when they say they do. Volleyball is one of the most popular sports, especially for women.

They sign you up for unwanted and unrequested features when you begin service–that always cost extra money, of course. I’ve met a lot of women with similar interests in their leagues, some of which I’ve dated.

Another good league is Sports Monster, which runs leagues in various cities throughout the U. Sports Monster provides refs for all their sports and thus tends to attract better athletes, allowing for better competition.

I had both male and female friends who wanted to meet someone and get out socially.

Have fun calling them up every month for the contractual term. Hidden charges for services and features you’ve never ordered (and I’m not even talking about those bullshit taxes). Although I prefer to play competitive volleyball, for years I formed one social team every summer.