Unfortunately, U Search Local's information regarding why one should use their service is severely lacking, and I was unable to find more details about the service - even after signing up - than what I've provided above. Details About USearch Locals USearch Local has a large number of users - more than 14 million according to their main page as of October 14, 2008.Note: Dave Evans over at Online Dating Insider informed me that U Search Local is a part of the Singles Net network, which would explain its exponential growth and rise up the largest dating sites charts. As well, they've made it onto the Hitwise largest dating sites chart this year, pushing Ok Cupid from its long-standing reign.

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All of my matches came back with an unusually high average age (44), and within mere minutes of having signed up, I had four winks in my mailbox - definitely a speedy group of interested men.

The profile sign up is surprisingly quick and easy, although users who don't like point and clicking may find it a bit tedious, since all of the options require a button to be chosen (yes or no, and then depending on your answer, checkboxes).

Surprisingly, one does not have to write a profile blurb when signing up for USearch Local, which may explain why there is such a large user base.

Once signed up, a quick overview of your matches allows you to look at only the photo, basic demographic details (age, sex, location, hair and eye color) and links next to their profile name to view, flirt, or email the person - a nice, straightforward and well-laid out feature.

USearch Local is one of those dating sites that I can't quite figure out why they've become so popular, so quickly: there's nothing on their main page other than a picture of a pretty girl, no mention of their demographic or geographic market, and no mention of the fees or costs associated with using the site -- until you sign up. There is no other documentation or details about what this dating site offers on USearch Local that could be found by this reviewer.

Overview from USearch Local"The Usearch service is a way for adults to meet each other online." - From USearch Local's membership agreement.

What a USearch Local Dating Site Membership Includes A free membership allows users of U Search Local to create a profile, peruse profiles, and wink at other members.

Paying for a membership increases the options: send and receive emails from anyone on the system (paid or otherwise), personality matching, ranking at the top of the page on all user search results, and priority customer service.

USearch Local automatically sets up every user with automated messages every time you receive a wink, message or match, as well as messages from USearch Local.

Because of the high volume of messages I received, I quickly changed these options (My Account).

USearch Local Membership Costs One month of service with USearch Local costs .95 USD , three months .85 USD (.95 a month), or .95 USD for twelve months (.49 a month). U Search Local also offers a full 100% money back guarantee, although the site does not specific how long the guarantee is for - but they do provide a phone number to call and speak with a customer service representative should a user want to take advantage of this feature.