I figured that things would change as time progressed.Well it didnt, things actually have gotten a lot worst since I got married.

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Justice William Horkins said he was unable to rely on the testimony from the three Ghomeshi complainants, describing their memories of alleged abuse at the hands of the former CBC broadcaster as “shifting” and suggesting their evidence at times strayed into outright lies.

All three women testified they were being romantic with Ghomeshi when he briefly turned violent in incidents dating to 20.

The identities of two of the women are protected by a publication ban.

The first witness alleged Ghomeshi pulled her hair in his car and punched her in his home, Lucy De Coutere alleged Ghomeshi choked and slapped her in his home, and the third witness alleged Ghomeshi put his hands over her mouth in a Toronto park.

All Horkins had to go on, not unusual in sexual-assault cases, was the complainants’ credibility, which Horkins denounced without mincing words.

“What is troubling is not the lack of clarity, but the shifting facts from one telling to the next,” Horkins said at one point during his hour-long decision. “In cross-examination, the value of her evidence suffered irreparable damage,” he said at another point, referring to the first complainant’s testimony.

Horkins stressed the presumption of innocence in criminal cases is “not a favour or charity” and conviction requires proof “beyond reasonable doubt.” Nonetheless his verdict incensed some groups who predicted it would deter women from coming forward about sexual abuse.

I am totally embarrased to speak to anyone about the troubles that I am facing because I feel like I put myself in this situation.

I have been with my wife since high school and I could never keep my hands off of her.

Its been about 17 years 5 years of marriage and a couple of kids.

When I look back at it, we have never had passionate sex and she has never been a passionate person in that department.