The victim was said to have written a complaint to the school authority and they have confirmed receipt of it.

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Cyril Ndifon, of sexually assaulting her daughter, a 20-year-old 400-level law student (name withheld).

The woman (names withheld), who lives in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, said the incident happened between 3 and 5pm on August 29 at the dean’s private office in the faculty building, The Punch reports.

Narrating what happened, the woman said on that day, the dean had set a one-hour test for the students and assigned two lecturers to supervise.

He later asked her to follow him to his private office on the second floor so that she could comfortably use the table.

Not long after they got to his private office, he allegedly locked the door and started making advances at the girl.

The woman alleged that Ndifon subdued her daughter and forcefully had sex with her.

She explained that afterwards, her daughter was taken to the Airport police station along IBB Way in Calabar, where she gave statement and also had medical examinations at the police clinic.

20 minutes to the end of the allotted time, Ndifon entered the hall and ordered the students to stop writing.

According to her, while the students were getting ready to submit their papers, the dean walked to her daughter’s desk, collected her script and tore it into shreds.