But what happens when that safe haven no longer feels so safe?Whether through having the same fights over and over again, broken trust, or feelings of disconnection, it can create an environment of fear, anger, doubt, grief, frustration and longing.Your relationship with your spouse is the most important relationship you have. It’s a common question to ask why we hurt the ones we love the most.

In order for a relationship to be healthy, there must be a sense of emotional safety for both partners to be able to reach for one another and know that the other will be accessible and responsive.

To be open enough with each other to feel connected and create a sense of deeper intimacy.

Emotional safety requires compassion for one another, respect and emotional responsiveness to one another’s feelings and needs.

It can be very difficult for couples to achieve this and reach the desired level of satisfaction in their relationship. In counseling couples, I help to create that safe haven in the counseling office so that the two of you can re-create it in your relationship.

I allow each of you to be heard and guide you toward really hearing each other.

You will be guided toward sharing and nurturing one another’s needs, comforting and soothing each others hurts and building a deeper bond and sense of connection with each other.

The relationship counseling process can not only help you overcome the challenges you are facing right now, but it will also give you the skills and understanding to manage any future challenge that may emerge.

As a counselor for your intimate relationship, I do more than just listen.

I provide skills and tools to help you solve the problems in your relationship, heal the hurts, restore friendship, deepen intimacy and connection, and strengthen your relationship.