I'm 16 years old and a virgin and I'm not exactly sure how to masturbate?That might sound weird but I'm just not sure how I'm supposed to do it.

I guess what I'm wondering is, is this normal? Some people do it with pillows, shower heads, or the corners of furniture.

And how am I "supposed" to masturbate if it all seems weird to me? Many of us have grown up getting a lot of direct and indirect messages that our own sexuality is the one thing we’re all just supposed to know how to do. How someone masturbates is about as individual as what they choose to eat, or what clothes they choose to wear.

We see variants of this question a lot, and I’d venture to say that there are many, many more people who wonder this but are afraid to ask, so good on you for asking! Masturbation has usually been defined as sexually stimulating oneself through touching one's own genitals, but I like to expand that definition and say that masturbation is really just the practice of interacting with oneself sexually.

For many people, that will involve touching their own genitals. For some, it can involve fantasy, for others, it won't.

For some, it will involve reading erotica or romance books, while other people don't do that.

Our sexualities really are beautifully complex, with many, many factors affecting both the current expression of sexuality and how it will change over time.

Often what affects and forms our unique sexuality isn't just one thing, but a set of things and circumstances that will vary in significance as we go through our lives.

So for you, the way you interact with your body in a sexual way now isn't necessarily the way you'll interact with it a year, a month, or perhaps even a week from now.

I think you might find it informative to learn about the circles of sexuality.

One of the primary messages in this article is that anyone can have a sexuality, and I think that's something worth holding onto as you explore your body and learn what your sexuality means for you.

With the negative messages many of us have been given as children about our bodies “down there”, it’s really not surprising that you, and many other young people, feel weird about touching their genitals.