It may sound like a joke, but the suggestion by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard that Kim Kardashian is a secret agent is being taken very seriously.

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The Kardashians were unable to “keep up” when it came to posting selfies and such on social media during their Cuban trip.

is focused on Kim Kardashian working for or with Instagram as part of a greater plot for some level of world domination to corrupt women with “aspirational photos depicting a lifestyle at odds with Islam.” Kim Kardashian’s ethnic background as a woman of Armenian descent seems to be a particular concern, as Armenia shares a border with Iran.

Kardashian’s status as the most famous Armenian woman in the world also concerns Iran.

Although many Americans chuckle at the idea that Kim Kardashian is a secret agent who is out to corrupt Muslim women and take them to the dark side with waist shapers, plumped lips, and clothing two sizes too small, this is serious.

Iran is also cracking down on locals posting glam shots on social media and is letting these people know that they are being watched.

The Iran Revolutionary Guard claims they have warned 170 individuals, and 29 of them are being targeted for prosecution by the government of Iran for specific charges.

“Promoting a culture of promiscuity, weakening and rejecting the institution of family, ridiculing religious values and beliefs, promoting relationships outside moral rules, and publishing the private pictures of young women.” In Iran, models, makeup artists, and actors have all been investigated and questioned on video to discover their intentions on posting images in what the Iranian government considers provocative dress (none of these compared to the average Kardashian selfie on Instagram).

Recently, an Iranian entertainer was forced to confess to similar influence.

Mostafa Alizadeh said on an Iranian news program that Kim Kardashian and her influence on social media is a big concern to the Iranian government.

is revealing that Iran is concerned that Kim Kardashian’s influence is so strong on Instagram that there is a concern young Iranian people will forsake their Muslim faith for the flashy lifestyle depicted by Kardashian and her family on social media.

There is also a belief that Kardashian is working for and conspiring with the CEO of Instagram (which is now part of Facebook, owned by Mark Zuckerberg).