I don't think you can classify contemporary into one style now a days. Making it to the top 3 was a huge blessing and accomplishment for me, and what I think what made me stand out and make it that far as I did was my determination to get there and how I never gave up even though I was put in the bottom a lot.

Seeing all the people that come to the tour and support the show is unbelievable and the biggest blessing in the world. As soon as I found out what I was doing and with who I had to take a second and stop because I didn't think it was actually happening, haha.

The first day of rehearsals when I started learning the dance something in the rehearsal room just clicked. My least favorite dance that I did on the show was probably the quickstep that I did with Ashley only because it was the "Quickstep".

I loved working with Ashley and Jean Marc but it was just so hard to pick up and I kept on tripping on Ashley! Having watched the show from start to finish, it's an understatement that you grew throughout the competition.

Was there a specific moment that you felt yourself transform into the dancer you are now? For me, I don't think that there was any specific that it switched over, but I think with every challenge that was given to me each week made me mature and grow as a dancer.

Even though some weeks I got my style or a genre close to my style there was never a dull moment that made me feel like I was improving on my dancing and who I was as a person, because every choreographer gives you something to learn from and improv on every week.

Which choreographer do you felt pushed you the hardest?

Jean Marc [Généreux], I think, pushed me the hardest because I had [him] twice and I think he expected a lot from me the second time we worked together.

Robert: When I found out that I was gonna be on the show it was a huge shock, but when i found out Billy and I both made it and they said there is gonna be a top 11 it was like Christmas morning!

I was so happy and excited that we were both going to be on the show. How did being trained in contemporary better prepare you for the other genres of dance?

For the first time ever, the finalists were all contemporary dancers. What do you think made you stand out over the other contestants to make it to the top 3?

Being a contemporary dancer I think prepares you for almost any genre on the show because contemporary is a bit of every genre.