Spending time with Sam has been a huge lift for Miranda.They are getting very close, he makes her feel sexy and that is exactly what Miranda needs right now.” Obviously, the source adds the the pair are “trying to keep things quiet for now.”While we take anonymous tabloid stories with a teeny grain of salt, there’s no denying that Miranda and Sam would make one good-looking pair.Either way, we expect many more rumors to fly about Blake and Miranda in the future.

This is a touching song from Natalie Grant, “The Real Me.” The video includes the lyrics. Christina sings of how you can feel beautiful and then someone says something about your looks, and boom–you are crushed.

This song is a reminder to not let the words (or looks) of others get you down.

For those of us with chronic illness this is a nice reminder, as we can feel good about ourselves and the the “look” or raised eyebrows of one person can hurt so badly.

Here are few songs that may put some of your emotions into words.

Hope it is a nice reminder that you are beautiful just the way you are.

Do you speak more negatively to yourself than you do to others?

What are some negative statements that you could turn to positive ones? This pop tune may sound familiar but the lyrics may have passed over you.

The Lost Boys from Hook reunited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film Julia Roberts ruined. She straight up asked him to borrow several million dollars.

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, Miranda has been spending time with Sam Hunt, as the two prepare for 2016’s tour with Kenny Chesney.

According to the tabloid’s “insider,” “Miranda and Sam can’t help but flirt.