Cathriona White was only 30-years-old when law enforcement officials reportedly discovered her lifeless body inside a Los Angeles home.The girlfriend of Jim Carrey, 53, allegedly killed herself with a reported drug overdose. Two years after they broke up, Jim and Cathriona reportedly got back together.

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The Feminine Imperative is that when a woman follows her pussy, it should have good results for her, and if it does not have good results for her, it is the fault of some dastardly man and not an indication that women are too childish and irresponsible to be allowed to follow their pussies.

Whenever illicit female sexual desires lead to illicit acts which have bad consequences, those consequences are deemed to be the fault of men, and it is the duty of men to make female sexual desires come out with good consequences for the woman, even if it means bad consequences for the man. Thus, for example, serial monogamy is deemed to be perfectly moral, while polygyny is totally unacceptable meaning that women are allowed to be permanently on the prowl to trade up from their current husband or boyfriend, while it is absolutely terrible for a man to sleep with multiple girlfriends, or to sleep with other women in addition to his wife.

When women do bad things, they are treated like children morally, let off the hook, protected from the consequences, yet they are allowed to make potentially disastrous choices without adult supervision, choices that men will pay for when those choices go wrong.

Thus women receive substantially lesser penalties for crimes, and are not really expected to honor contracts – yet any business that discriminated against contracts signed by women would be in big trouble, even though it is also in trouble when it tries to enforce those contracts.

A pregnant woman can abort, or give the child away, but if she decides to keep it, she can demand child support from the father – while denying the child a father.

The system that the father and the mother get married at shotgun point, and the father is forced to support his wife and child, and the mother forced to honor and obey the husband makes moral sense.The system that a single mother is on her own would also make moral sense, if women could be treated as independent adults, equal to men, but when we tried that the result was far too many women giving birth to fatherless children in the rain in dark alleys.In fact, a week before her reported suicide, Cathriona shared a pic of three of her sister’s kids when they went back to school. She shared pictures online from both a Los Angeles Kings hockey game and a Los Angeles Clippers playoff game.She even reportedly began to practice Transcendental Mediation a year prior to her death.Our thoughts and condolences continue to go out to Cathriona’s family and loved ones, as well as to Jim, during this sad time.One of my commenters had never heard of the Feminine Imperative, and it is not listed the social matters compendium, so here is a description and definition.