There have apparently been some issues on set due to “extreme egos.” The actors don’t know who Dwayne was talking about – but sources tell TMZ it is not Ludacris or Tyrese.Read everything The Rock said here if you missed it. We know Henry Cavill will be back in the cape and tights as Man of Steel, and he'll be joined by Ben Affleck picking up the bat cowl where Christian Bale left it.

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co-stars “candy asses” has caused a frenzy on the set of the film, sources tell TMZ.

Many of the males – Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Kurt Russell, Tyrese, Ludacris, Scott Eastwood, and more – are shooting today.

They’re apparently being hounded about who has beef with The Rock.

Sources say the actors are all upset because production is wrapping next week – “This is a hell of a way to end it,” one source said.

Now, several suggestive posts from Dwayne Johnson -- you know him as The Rock -- hint that he was not only in talks to join a DC Comics movie, but that it will be the as-yet untitled Superman and Batman team-up film as John Stewart.

Back in November, he posted a photo to Instagram with the hashtag "John Stewart Can Still Whup Supermans Ass" -- referring to the Bronze Age incarnation of Green Lantern, not the same Lantern played by Ryan Reynolds in the 2011 film -- and then tweeted another hint in response to speculation.

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