EXPERTS WEIGH IN Christian Pedersen and Sonika Tinker, husband and wife relationship experts and cofounders of Love Works for You, located in the Sierra Foothills in Meadow Vista, California, believe dating sites and apps can be useful to find someone to go on a date with.Still, they caution singles not to waste a lot of time doing the “actual dating” online.

A 50-something male, also in Incline Village, summarized his online dating experiences as “pretty good.” He turned to the Internet 10 years ago over to find a partner while raising two young children as a single father. A 30-something female in Tahoe City, who met her boyfriend on the dating app Bumble, agrees that the Internet can be helpful to meet new people.

“I don’t have a good radar for identifying interested singles,” he said. It was a huge relief.” Since, he has met two partners online: one on e Harmony, and another through after the first relationship ended amicably many years later. “I think online dating is a good tool once you’re ready to get back out there,” she said.

“I was able to meet people I might not have met otherwise — even though we’d often end up having several mutual friends.” Her advice for singles is not to confuse being lonely with being ready to date.

A recent article reported that 40 million Americans now use online dating services, representing about 40 percent of the total population of singles in the U. THE BAD A 30-something female in Incline Village reported that she tried dating online in the region, and said it was tough.

Tahoe-Truckee locals have varying options, which we share below anonymously due to the sensitive nature of this story’s topic.

“I found the men I met online to be cowardly and too shy to approach women,” she said. I met a lot of unambitious men.” She noted her female friends in their 20s-50s had similar experiences.

“A friend ended up going out with a man who turned out to be homeless,” she said.

“Actually, that happened a couple times to various friends.” A 50-something male on the West Shore, on the other hand, said the local women he meets online are all very busy and independent, lamenting it is often a challenge to get them to commit to plans.

He summarized his experiences on, Ok Cupid and Tinder as “a lot of work for not a ton of reward,” but added that it hasn’t been painful and has been a learning process.

A benefit of dating at Lake Tahoe, he continued, is that dates usually consist of fun activities like mountain biking — though he added the strategy has landed him in the “friend zone” with a few women.

THE GOOD Other Tahoe locals painted a different picture when interviewed, sharing stories of how they successfully met partners online. “Like anything else, you get what you give,” he said.