This is often referred to as the "Nigerian dating scam" because the money order story seems to have originated in Nigeria.This online dating scam doesn't always come from Nigeria.

Unfortunately, many unsuspecting people have been scammed at dating sites as well. Well, first of all you never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, conduct ANY kind of transaction that involves money! All the information is fake – the words, occupation, and those attractive photos that were, um, borrowed from some modeling or social networking site. The scammer contacts you (and dozens of other people) pretending to want a romantic relationship. Then you get hit with a request for help to finance the trip. It's normally used by beautiful foreign women (often Russian) that prey on lonely (or horny) men.

There is no dating service that is free of scammers. Thousands of people have been tricked into sending money to online dating scam artists. You're given an elaborate excuse as to why you must send money so that he or she can complete the trip. You never actually find out if it’s really a woman or some big hairy smelly dude behind the keyboard...

He or she gives you lots of false details about their family and work life. The scammer earns your trust and you exchange personal email addresses and maybe even phone numbers. Dating scammers can be very, very patient, spending weeks or even months building trust. When there seems to be enough trust established, he or she will use slick ways to ask you for money. A version of one of the following stories is normally used: After lots of back and forth communication, you've fallen for what you think is a sweet, attractive man or woman living in a foreign country.

citizen, but in reality they’re living in another place such as Russia, Nigeria or some other country.

The scammer gives you an emotional sob story about a family medical emergency and asks for financial assistance.

The "emergency" is either for him or her or for the kid in those cute fake photos. city, but he tells you that temporarily "working" overseas.

You feel the irresistible tug on your heart strings and proceed to send a donation. This is one of the newer internet dating scams typically used on women. He tells you that his employer has paid him in money orders and he's having difficulty cashing them in Nigeria.

He/she asks if you’d be willing to accept the money order by mail, cash it, then wire the money. " You receive the money order, take it to the bank, cash it, and wire the money.

A few weeks later you get a nice surprise from the bank telling you that you must pay the money back because the money order was fraudulent.