To which his estranged wife replied: “Yes ma’am, that would be my husband.”Brittany recalls, “[Leah and I were] both nice to each other she thanked me for being honest and not spiteful and apologized for his actions.” Right after which, Leah wrote negative messages about Brittany and then deleted them. You wish those texts was changed and altered [for the media]…Once the story broke, Brittany lashed out at Leah’s fans on Twitter, adding “I’m just trying to be nice and give her some advice to take notes… It’s all real.”Brittany also admitted, “[People are mad] because they think [Jeremy] cheated with me, people are stupid.” However, what really happened from her side was “Leah cheated on him back in October with her Ex… one she cheated on Cory with hours before they got married…I’m not really mad at [Leah], I just don’t like her. yeah she needs to just be with Robbie, since she can’t stay off that d**k.” Robbie Kidd says he’s done with Leah and is engaged to his baby’s mother. But now they are suppose to be working it out and I said that I’m happy for them and hope they can…

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How long were leah and jeremy dating

Don't worry; the fight was modified so she didn't run any risk of injury.

Anyway, I was just going to take photos of her in her new cast, but the lighting was so cool coming in the windows that I ended up doing a small photo shoot with some pretty neat results.

West Virginia native Brittany Musick, 27, admitted on Twitter that she and Teen Mom 2’s Jeremy Calvert are over.

She says, it’s a good thing because he and his estranged wife, Leah Messer, are working things out.

Leah admitted as much on Facebook, claiming she and Jeremy were “very much in love with each other and still…

married and [they don’t] plan to change [that].”Brittany recently wrote on Twitter, “Leah and Jeremy Deserve each other.Let’s see how long it will last this time without one of them cheating. Adding, “A cheater will always cheat, A liar will always lie, And then they wonder why their life is so bad? She and Leah reportedly spoke over Twitter direct message, during which Brittany admitted to sexting with Jeremy.The photos above are of Leah's permanent cast and taped hand after seeing the orthopedic surgeon.We are thankful he took off that crazy huge splint on her left hand and now she only has two fingers taped together.He said her finger may not even be broken, but the tape will help regardless.She still doesn't have a whole lot of pain and she even went back to work today, playing Mother Mary with long sleeves, and the audience probably never knew the difference.