Our clients are our passion and we strive to exceed their expectations for the most important day of their lives.Every event will be carefully planned & designed to incorporate unique and unexpected details and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.Check out our portfolio to get an idea of how we can build your exquisite event.

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With it's tricked-out lighting and sound system, our party was actually disappointed with the scene once we got to our destination so we ended up, loading back into the limo to spend the evening driving around town in our own personal party venue instead! Words cannot describe how grateful I am that Lux Limo took care of my night out on Saturday. Literally, one girl was not going to come with us, but the moment she stepped in the limo to check it out before she left, she changed her mind to join us because of it. My husband took me for a night on the town for my birthday and the professional manner and amazing transportation easily made my night one that I will never forget!

Also, another friend didn’t even know that something so nice, high off the ground, and comfortable existed because she only new the “old school” limo. I also raved about my experience in my team meeting with RVE today! We will never go anywhere else, you don't just get that type of customer service anywhere!!

Our driver, William - “Prince William” (what we ended up calling him by the end of the night).

What would be more fun than a full of shopping lunch and more shopping?

Grab your girlfriends and head down to the outlet mall in San Marcos without worrying about finding a parking spot or trunk space. Treat your out of town clients to the ultimate showing experience.

Book a Lux to pick them up from the airport and show them your listings while the children enjoy movies, music and refreshments in our deluxe vehicles.I used to love the festival scene in Austin, but the growth in traffic had made trying to participate not worth it. Going out in a Lux Limo is like being in a private moving club with your friends where you get to pick the music, the drinks and the people. We had an amazing time and the girls were so beyond impressed and couldn’t stop talking about it.For Wedding Transportation, Wine Tours, brewery tours, airpot transportation, homecoming, promo, concert transportation, nightlife transportation, corporate transportation and more.Our Transportation Rental Services discount rates are the most competitive in Austin Texas. We have designed this website to find anything and everything you need in Austin, TX.It doesn't matter if you are looking for a certain business, coupons, events, news or classifieds -- we have everything Austin covered.