Read: Heroes No More: Hayden P and Milo V Breakup One may ask, "What the narwhal is a pint-sized lover of marine mammals doing with some Bond villain-looking palooka?" Good question, but the fighter is also a Ph D, an avid chess player (duh, he's from the former Soviet Union) and a humanitarian. Read: Science: Opposites Only Sort Of Attract Height disparity and love of all of God's creatures aside, the real question about this couple is: who has a job that we're going lose 100% interest in first?

Rather, Kring has used volumes to wrap up ongoing plot lines, rather than carrying them over long periods of time, as in Lost.

Ordinary People Discovering Extraordinary Abilities was the promotional campaign for the series, before and after its debut.

In an interview conducted by Lost producer Damon Lindelof, Kring states "'s a show about characters dealing with extraordinary things happening to them. So my sense is that if one can assume that dealing with their extraordinary abilities is something that these characters will always face, then their stories can bend and morph and evolve forever." Kring has given his own personal theory on powers, stating, "..original theory was that we’re living in such a fucked-up world and things are so awful that Earth needed to populate itself with people who were going to do something about it." When asked in the same interview to give a direct answer, Kring responded, "I’m not going to give an answer to that because that becomes a really fun part of the show." In the third volume, "Villains", it is revealed that some characters' powers, such as Nathan, Tracy, and Niki, are synthetic, having been artificially created by a special formula.

What are you going stop watching first: heavyweight boxing, Heroes or hilarious pairings of grossly mismatched (in terms of height) celebrities?

Heroes includes a number of mysterious fictional elements that have been ascribed to science fiction or supernatural phenomena.

Tim Kring and the creators of the series refer to these fictional elements as part of the mythology of the series.

Kring confirmed that although the show does have a unique mythology, he doesn't want to sink too deeply into it.

Is the Heroes heroine dating boxing's big boy?

You know how it's hilarious when a huge person is dating a tiny person? " Well feast your peepers on this news: the 6'6" Wladimir Klitschko is likely dating the supposedly 5'1" Hayden Panettiere. According to Hollyscoop, the star of NBC's (that's Panettiere) was seen hanging out with the holder of the IBF, WBO and IBO belts (that's Klitschko) at some fancy pants new year's eve party at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Florida's Miami (Lady Gaga was involved).