: One Just reader says her name is Hallie Meyers-Shyer and she is 20-years-old.

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However, IMDB reported a new sequel trilogy for “Matrix” with Warner Bros. It is not revealed yet that Reeves will play the role or not. It was rumored he was also engaged with South African actress Charlize Theron during the same period, According to Just Jared in Mar.

2008, Reeves was dating actress Parker Posey and in May, he was dating Winona Ryder.

But, Reeves was found shirtless with China Chow, topless wade in the water together on a beach of the Mediterranean Sea.

Keanu Reeves grabs lunch at French bistro Pastis with a female friend in NYC on Wednesday afternoon.

“The two were quite friendly with one another throughout lunch,” one spywitness claims.

Keanu was event sweet enough to send her off with a goodbye kiss!

Keanu, 43, was also seen leaving the Mercer Kitchen after a late afternoon bite to eat on Monday (black t-shirt).

2015, Mail Online reported Keanu Reeves was spotted in Los Angeles with a beautiful, dark long haired.

In 2008, Reeves was on front page of the media for his dating rumors with different celebrities.