Grand Theft Auto IV - The Incredible Hulk Script Hulk Enemy VS Hulk MOD HD 04 01. GRAND THEFT AUTO IV THE INCREDIBLE HULK SCRIPT MOD BY GTA X Scripting HD. If i Pick the money logo on the mao who do pengejo Or what he name is do he kill Kate roman Or Kate. No, in both endings you go after the person that killed either kate roman. GTA Liberty City Stories - Ending Final Mission - The Sicilian Gambit11 45. miles davis mp3 1s, gta 5 2s, gone girl 0s, dominion 0s, game of thrones s05 2s, gta 3s, predators 0s, bake off 1s, chicago 2s, players 3s.

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How To Save Johnny Klebitz From Trevor In GTA 5 GTA 4 TLAD Alternate Ending... What if Kate amp Roman survived during the final missions?

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Roman was there for you from the beginning and I used do a lot of activities with him when I did the story for the first time. If you choose Revenge, you lose the girl you love but you keep one of the best characters in GTA. Same here, I expected her to be the character that dies in one of the last missions, like GTA IV SPOILERS Roman Kate. Roman because he is just so gullible and optimistic that its kinda funny. Niko, Roman ve Little Jacob Alderney b lgesindeki bir kumarhaneye do ru ka an Pegorino nun adamlar n n pe ine d er. If you choose Revenge, you lose the girl you love but you keep one of the best characters in GTA. Kate Roman is an adventurer, a scribe, and a hopeless romantic. But if it was roman, i would literally shoot myself.

the worst wedding ever roman and mallorie laugh and very happy because of the marriage but i choose revenge only because i don t care with kate. 6 Posted by Oro Jackson 688 posts - 7 years, 10 days ago. Kate was only added in second half of the game, and i haven t known her long enough to be sad about her death.