We believe that Jesus was God’s Son, the savior who was promised to the Israelites.

In recent years, some groups of Christians have become very critical of gay people, due to some negative references to homosexuality in the Bible.

Even so, there are many same-sex attracted people who choose to follow Jesus.

The Gay Christian Network is a place for those people to find support, fellowship, and spiritual nourishment. Many people believe that being gay must be a choice, but that’s usually because they’re confusing “gay feelings” with “homosexual behavior.” The two are not the same.

Being gay just means that someone is attracted to his or her own sex.

Most of us would not have chosen to feel this way, and many of us tried very hard to become “straight” (attracted to the opposite sex).

But even straight people can’t choose whom they find attractive.You can’t force yourself to become attracted to someone who isn’t attractive to you, and you can’t force yourself to think someone is unattractive when you are actually attracted to them. ) However, any of us can choose how we wish to behave.If a gay person chooses to be sexually abstinent, or to go on a date, or to try to change their feelings through prayer, or any other behavior, that is a choice.Being gay is not a choice, but the way we respond to our gay feelings is always up to us.Not all gay Christians have the same answer to this question.Some gay Christians believe that God does not want them to be sexually active, so they choose to be celibate.