The hotel portion was an interesting touch, although I think only offering pong and hangman for games was a let down. of all the versions of Ganguro I`ve seen this is the worst.

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Would be nice to play without the cheat enabled, or having to click 1000 times to set the stats the way you want them. The hotel portion was an interesting touch, although I think only offering pong and hangman for games was a let down.

Its a good quality dating sim, although this being a Demo, it`s limited by the selection. The interactive endings were a great touch and that they were based on how well you scored in the game made them relevant instead of some odd tack on at the end of the game.

at the end, it`s more of a "hold the button down" rather than a movie or "push a button, pick a position." But it`s good if looking for an experience with the cover character. Well, it takes forever to just get your stats up by clicking, there should be a way to type them in.

If thee were a couple girls to choose from it would be a better game, Hena Sim is a better on in that way.

Also, very limited in the way of it being an "adult" game.

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This year's conference is the latest gathering of the Grassroots Radio Coalition, a loose group of many stations and people that has no bylaws, no dues, no staff, and no standing structure except a listserv.

But what the coalition does have is a history and a set of ideas...

I`ve always loved this game the only thing I hate is how easy it is to manipulte the gauge no other game coveres this area of sexual expertise wish there were more or better yet get more content aded to this one I really wish at the start of the game, where you have to allocate the points for your stats, that I could simply hold the button to add points faster. I`ve played this game mutliples times, and love it.

my index finger got tired before I even started the game. But it seems the maker has stopped doing more stories on the website.