Library administrators several years ago had been discussing a possible major expansion of the Main Library in downtown South Bend, possibly doubling its size.

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He read a statement commending the staff and leadership of the entire library system for excellent customer service, courtesy and friendliness to patrons.

In other business, the library board on Monday accepted a $10,000 grant from the Indiana State Library to provide free Wi-Fi service for families at a local low-income housing complex.

The project will be a pilot program and the housing complex has not yet been selected.

SBT Photo/ROBERT FRANKLIN Futa grew up in North Liberty, graduated from North Liberty High School, then earned a bachelor's degree in history at Manchester College.

She later earned a master's of library science degree at Indiana University Bloomington.

She started as a children's department assistant at the River Park Branch.

She later worked at the Francis Branch, the bookmobile, in the computer department at the Main Library and in finance. She's managed a number of the library branch building and renovation projects.

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