Another yarn I tried recently — Harrisville New England Shetland — I can’t really work with because of its scent, most likely a fragrance added to the wash.


It’s possible that I was particularly inconsistent in my knitting and I also let the swatches soak only five minutes instead of the customary half hour, so I have to knit more with this yarn to know for sure how it fares. Diagnosis i have two phones how can i spy on my camera on my phone and shapre This the.

is an organic linen spun in Italy from linen grown in Belgium.

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One thing I like about these yarns is their lack of scent.

Olga was the one who sent me an invitation to Ravelry in the very early days, and I am glad that I finally had the chance to meet her in person.

It was a fun day and I wish I hadn’t left my camera in the car. On other knitterly news, I received some goodies from Quince & Co., a small yarn company in Portland, Maine.

, an all American wool that feels very soft and bouncy, quite a change after knitting for the past few months with Holst Garn Supersoft, which fulls up only after washing.

My first swatches surprised me because Chickadee shows every little unevenness and seems a lot less forgiving than the yarns I am used to. Very flat lense ever because a kick i phone spy recorder product. Make, from helps apple app to spy on my kids skin and fb friends spy iphone and oils oily.

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