Any download can potentially have malware, spyware or adware attached, so be sure to keep your antivirus up to date at all times. Many school computers are networked so that administrators can access your child's computer as if it were just another folder.

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ALL chats, public and private are logged and viewable by admins and the chat providers, 123 Flash Chat The Buzz50 over 50s seniors chat room is an HTML5 browser based system that works on all devices that have internet including i Phones, i Pads, Android Tablets, PCs, in fact any device with an Internet browser.

The desktop versions also allow video chat in The Cafe, The Balcony Chat Room and the Music Room.

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A user with a lower security level won't be allowed to install anything new.

Be sure you're available to help them access thing with your username if necessary.

You can watch webcams from locations all over the world on your Android phone using apps available in the Android Market.

These apps connect to publicly available webcam streams that are broadcast over the Internet, allowing you to view live feeds featuring a range of subjects including traffic conditions on major streets and highways, scientific studies, cute animals and popular tourist attractions.

The lawsuit against Philadelphia's Lower Merion School District, where students and parents are suing over the school's abuse of webcam technology to covertly spy on students and their families in the home has caused recipients of school-issued computers to wonder " How can you tell if someone is watching you through your webcam?

" Luckily, there are ways to protect your privacy. Some built-in webcams are designed with protective covers that can be slid open or closed manually, in order to turn them off and on.

Other built-in webcams are turned on with a keyboard button, which are more susceptible to hackers. Hackers can install codes that give them access to your webcam.

It may come in the form of an email attachment, or programmed into a rogue Myspace or Face Book app.