Alas, when I rocked up solo to the Office Hotel on Saturday night.I was a bit disappointed with the lack of atmosphere and the conference-room style set up (would you expect anything else from a pub that names itself after a workplace? Nevertheless, the people were lovely and I had ten 7-minute dates throughout the evening.I threw my wine over one guy, an accident of course, but he ticked my box -- so maybe he liked it?

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Walking up to potential life partners in bars and testing pick-up lines has gone old hat.

These days, there are organised speed dating sessions and dinner parties to meet your other half in Sydney.

You can even chat online to arrange a date with a guy who’s only ever shown you a black and white photo of his torso (it happens).

As a single girl, I decided to give love a chance and ramp my the search for a soul-mate. This organisation deals in many events for singles all over Australia, but I decided to sign up for the renowned speed dating session.

Unfortunately, he quickly revealed he lived at home with his mum, he didn’t have a job and he’d never left the country.

He also had to call his mum after our second drink because she couldn’t find the iron.

Nice guy, but it soon emerged that the only thing we had in common was a love of music.

I’ve even spent a night in a gay bar with a guy drinking Corona’s (not sure he understood the main game).

But two of my girlfriends are in full-on lovestruck mode with long-term boyfriends, thanks to meeting them on Oasis Active -- so maybe it's just me.