The sensational pictures have emerged on the eve of Routh’s trial for the murder of American Sniper, Chris Kyle, 38, and friend Chad Littlefield, 35.

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Pictured with his face contorted in rage and arms taut with stress, Eddie Ray Routh, the Marine veteran accused of gunning down American Sniper Chris Kyle aims an AK-47 rifle in never before seen pictures from his time in the military.

Dramatic physical transformation: Eddie Ray Routh arrives today during a pre-trial appearance in Erath County, Texas, where he will stand accused of the murder of former SEAL Chris Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield Defense: Eddie Ray Routh arrives in court in Stephenville, Texas, today for a pre-trial hearing ahead of tomorrow's expected start of his double murder trial. Warren St John High profile, high security: Stephenville Police Officers and Texas Rangers stand guard behind police rails outside of the Erath County Courthouse Annex in Stephenville, Texas, where Eddie Ray Routh, a former Marine charged with capital murder in the deaths of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, will stand trial this week But before their deployment the unit Routh and Pawloski were assigned to was sent to CAX (Combined Arms Exercise), the Marine Corps’ most advanced live-fire unit-level combined arms training program, by way of preparation.

Service: While posted to Camp Fallujah in August 2007, Routh, (pictured here after his graduation into the Marines) became known for violent outbursts against fellow servicemen he felt were laughing at him Promise: Eddie Ray Routh on the day of his graduation in 2006 in San Diego.

During his second year of service he was sent to Iraq and later to Haiti to help with the relief effort after the earthquake There, for the first time, Pawloski noticed a ‘quirk’ in Routh’s character.

Aggression: Eddie Ray Routh appears enraged while he aims an AK-47 while serving in Iraq at Camp Fallujah during his tour in 2008.

A number of veterans who served with Routh claim the former serviceman had a vicious temper which would explode if he was publicly mocked Armed and ready: Holding what appear to be two different versions of Kalashnikov rifles, both in brushed nickel, Routh fixes a menacing stare straight ahead to the camera while in Camp Fallujah in Iraq No combat: One of the Marines who served with Routh, known as his 'battle buddy' said that he never really saw any fighting while in Iraq.