I also have connected the drive to the USB3 port so I could clone my HDD to the new SSD Hi, I have the same: Samsung 840 250gb (not pro).I have been debating whether or not I should even attempt a firmware update.I have been reading contradictory articles about these firmwares.

I just recently bought a new Samsung 840 Pro (256GB) SSD and I've been getting an error trying to update the firmware with the included Samsung SSD Magician software.

I've tried running it as Admin, I've tried putting the update file(s) in several different folders (including an external HDD), and I still keep getting this error: It's driving me nuts!

I just want to update the Hi I just got a Samsung 840 250GB SSD (not Pro), and I am having the exact same problem - can't update the firmware.

I've even tried secure-erase and everything nothing just get similar error i.e. I have tried this on a win 8 laptop, and have set the Magician software to run in Win 7 compatibility mode and Run as an administrator.

However, you are always being told that your database is out of date.

Even after it has just updated with seemingly no errors. Then, configure updates of Kaspersky from the Updates folder into which the updates were downloaded. Important Uninstall Kaspersky with removal tool will remove all the components related to Kaspersky, including information about copyright you are using.

In detailed update report, You are getting information "Not all components were updated", and then there are several components that were not updated. You tried updating Kaspersky software again, but still the same problem occurs. You can perform the following article to do this: How to update Kaspersky without internet connecting?

After update Kaspersky from a local folder, you have to change the Update Source to the default Kaspersky Lab’s update server (uncheck the Manual update source from the list).

Overall, I find the Samsung's customer page a little unwelcome.