Skull Dragon40633297 - Bad Reaction to Simochi61528025 - Banisher of the Light20374520 - Begone, Knave39256679 - Beta The Magnet Warrior25655502 - Bickuribox61127349 - Big Bang Shot95472621 - Big Burn41426869 - Black Illusion Ritual72989439 - Black Luster Soldier38670435 - Black Tyranno87564352 - Blackland Fire Dragon28470714 - Bladefly21466326 - Blasting the Ruins32015116 - Blind Destruction25880422 - Block Attack23995346 - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon89631139 - Blue-Eyes White Dragon57409948 - Bombardment Beetle14087893 - Book of Moon38699854 - Book of Taiyou29401950 - Bottomless Trap Hole52090844 - Bowganian16507828 - Bracchio-Raidus24294108 - Burning Land80163754 - Burst Breath78193831 - Buster Blader84740193 - Buster Rancher17597059 - Byser Shock97077563 - Call of the Haunted11384280 - Cannor Soldier95727991 - Catapult Tutrle93220472 - Cave Dragon36468556 - Ceasefire20228463 - Ceremonial Bell28106077 - Cestus of Dagala01248895 - Chain Destruction57139487 - Chain Disappearance79323590 - Chain Energy82301904 - Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End61044390 - Chaos End97439308 - Chaos Greed01434352 - Chaos Necromancer81380218 - Chorus of Sanctuary06967870 - Cliff the Trap Remover94192409 - Compulsory Evacuation Device68057622 - Continuous Destruction Punch96420087 - Contract with the Dark Master93889755 - Crass Clown85802526 - Cure Mermaid41398771 - Curse of Aging84970821 - Curse of Darkness94377247 - Curse Of The Masked Beast34124316 - Cyber Jar69015963 - Cyber-Stein05494820 - Cyclon Laser60912752 - D. Important note for site admins: If you are the administrator of this website note that your access has been limited because you broke one of the Wordfence firewall rules.The reason your access was limited is: "Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons".

GX Duel loaded into the GBA cartridge slot when you load a game of Nightmare Troubador you will be given three Wing Koriboh Cards.

The following codes cam be used at the password machin in the card shop once you have completed the Expert Tournament and have 1000 KC points.

You must also have the card you are inputting the code for, otherwise it will not work.

Here are the Passwords:49140988 - A Feather Of The Phoenix21597117 - A Hero Emerges28596933 - A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon41356845 - Acid Trap Hole18036057 - Airknight Parshath99785935 - Alpha The Magnet Warrior21070956 - Altar for Tribute91869203 - Amazon Archer94004268 - Amazoness Sword Woman64342551 - Amphibious Bugroth MK-365064143 - Anti-Aircraft Flower09076207 - Armed Ninja42364374 - Arsenal Bug63689843 - Attack and Receive71453557 - Autonomous Action Unit11901678 - B.

Nightmare Troubadour is unlocked once you complete the Expert Tournament mode.

Once this is done, you can access the Card Password Machine in the Card Shop.

For the majority of the codes to work you will need to have 1000 KC points, and have the card, these passwords are listed further down the page.

There are two secret codes that can be used without having the 1000 KC points, here that are: 00000375 - Credits57300000 - Sound Gallery If you have the Gameboy Advanced game Yu-Gi-Oh!

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