Part of my expectation came from the fact that I didn’t like my last name, Dicker, at all when I was growing up.Other kids would snicker at it when they heard it for the first time.Some would even say with genuine disbelief, “Is that really your last name?

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We began talking about whether each of us had changed, or planned to change, our names upon marriage.

I felt my heart rate quicken a little when the subject came up, because this is a topic that brings up strong feelings for me, and for many other people.

As a young romantic, I used to doodle the name of my latest crush in my school notebook in flowery cursive. Melia “, filling in the blank with the last name of the object of my affection.

I wanted to know how our names sounded together, and I took it for granted that one day, my dream guy would fill in that blank permanently.

It felt comfortable, like a funky sweater that I’d worn awkwardly as a kid but had grown into as an adult.

Most of my peers had matured enough that they didn’t need to stifle a laugh when I introduced myself.

When the occasional douchebag at a party would say, “Haha, Dicker?

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