For the balloons they need some form of gas, for our dreams we need to do our inner spiritual work; prayers, affirmations, meditation, etc.*In order for the balloons to function properly they must release the weights that are holding them down.

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My fiance and I were in La Jolla, CA after attending a teacher training workshop with Kathryn Alice.

I was so anxious to bring him to a very favorite French restaurant.

We eagerly walked to the restaurant's location only to find a rug store in its place.

Feeling very disappointed at missing this amazing restaurant, my fiance suggested that we dine at the Torrey Hill Golf Course which was not too far away.

Such a great lesson for me in that when one door closes, another one opens.

We were soon sitting on a deck overlooking the most beautiful greens, Torrey pines, and off in the distance, the majestic Pacific ocean.

I was basking in the presence of my love, the amazing food, and the exquisite scenery.