The Joeys can access the DVR on the Hopper as well as pause and rewind live TV.

Instead, just switching on the Hopper will change the channel to the correct input.

Also included in the update is a slight change to the way some content is displayed within the On Demand section, which are now organized in rows, or shelves, with movie and show tiles displayed horizontally across the screen.

The update also brings support for Dish’s Explorer app to control all the Hopper-connected TVs in a household and tweaked search functionality which now returns results from all possible sources, including the programming guide, recorded content and On Demand.

This means you can record your favorite shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC at the same time, all in HD.

You'll have instant access to all of your favorite programming, with the touch of one button and without using up any of your personal DVR hard drive space.

The home DVR is when you have a Hopper and up to 3 Joeys all connected.They all have HD capabilities as well as full DVR functionality.The results are then displayed in rows, like the On Demand Shelves.The Hopper and Joey from DISH Network finally gives you the whole home DVR features that you've always wanted.With the Hopper and Joey, you can truly share your recordings between any TV in your home, you can record up to 8 programs at the same time with Primetime anytime and so much more.The innovative Prime Time Anytime feature allows you to record up to 8 of your favorite primetime shows at the same time and will store them for up to 8 days so you can view them whenever you want.